Ngā Uara Collection

The designs in the Ngā Uara collection are based on key Māori values:


The manifestation of excellence. This design incorporates the Ace of Spades and ngā manu. The design is based on fond childhood memories of many a card game where skill and expertise was honed and refined. The manu depicted in this design are strong, noble and noted for many strengths and skills. They are the Huia (centre bird) a bird worn by rangatira (leaders), the Karearea (falcon), Ruru (Morepork), Kereru (Wood pigeon), Kahu (Hawk), Tui and the Piwaiwaka (Fantail).

Tino Rangatiratanga

The power that is absolute sovereignty. This is encapsulated in the maunga design as being resolute and steadfast in its environment. The repetition of the design embedded in the tāniko framework is a reminder that our absolute sovereignty and determination is ours uniquely in many landscapes and forms.


The expression of kindness and the notion of care for others. This expression is represented in our ringaringa (hand) design. We use our hands to provide support and care for others.


The embodiment of integrity and respect. This durable and indestructible power which is within all is represented in the Kaokao pattern.


The creative and future thinking power within us is unleashed with this pattern. Auahatanga represents our creative juices thinking outside of the box.


We have used a stylised representation of the hongi for this pattern. The exchange of breathe when a hongi is performed, shows the connection we have with others, the relationships we form, respect and cherish.


When people have been given the responsibility to lead or take control, they assume leadership. Leadership was shown at time through the use of huia feather being worn by the chosen person.

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