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Earrings bronze, Taki Rua leaf


Introducing the bronze taki rua earring. light weight and classy to wear.  Also available in Silver.

Earring Design: Taki Rua

This pattern is a raranga (weaving) pattern and is often referred to as ‘two up, two down’ which is the style of weave.  This pattern is often used for kete (bags) and whariki (matts) and is the next step up from the beginner pattern taki tahi. 

Earring details:

Size: XLG:  5 - 6cm in length 

Earring material: Bronze plated 

Earring hooks: Gold plated (NF) hooks.

Care instructions: We recommend you care and gently handle your items, treat them like the taonga (treasure) they are. When cleaning, use a damp cloth and let air dry. 

***COLOUR VARIATION - Please note while all measures are taken to ensure the colouring of our photos match the actual product, there may be slight variations due to device colour matching*** 

Earrings bronze, Taki Rua leaf
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