Earrings, Tupuānuku



This collection is based on the star Tupuānuku, one of the stars in the Matariki Constellation, she is connected to food grown in the ground, all cultivated and uncultivated food products. If she is shining bright when Matariki rises it is said the kai from the ground will be plentiful for that coming year.

We have used Tupuānuku to inspire this collection with different aspects in connection with her.  Such as the earthy colours of hua whenua (food from the earth), fabric to symbolise a waikawa (a basket used to gather and store hua whenua) and the raranga (weaving) pattern rau kumara (leaves of the kumara plant), which is said to be a pattern one would weave for someone who nurtures, feeds and cares for people.

The image of the wāhine (woman) is our interpretation of Tupuānuku, drawn with the raranga (weaving) pattern Rau Kumara (leaves of the kumara plant) in the background. On either side of her are four crosses representing purapura whetu (a tukutuku pattern for stars) to symbolise the Matariki constellation (she is the ninth star). Her moko kauae (chin) shows the connection between the stars and us here on the whenua (land).

Earring details:

Sizes* STATEMENT: 8.5 cm in length x 5cm width

Earring material: I: Gold painted Bamboo II: Gold gravo

** please note these are delicate earrings, so handle with care.

Earring hooks: Silver & gold plated (NF) hooks.

Model is wearing the Statement size earring.

Earrings, Tupuānuku
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