Harakeke Pōtae - Hineraumati

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NEW to our online store are these beautiful Harakeke Pōtae (dried flax hat) to keep you shaded from Tamanuiterā (the sun).  These are the perfect styling element to pair with our summer Strapless Dresses.

Created by weaver Hazel Grace they have a wide brim and open crown (see photo for details) and are natural coloured (no dyes added).  Very limited in number so be sure to get yours now!


These Pōtae come in two different styles short and tall, with three head sizes (Tahi, Rua and Toru).  Please note each pōtae has been hand woven so there will be differences between each one, no two are the same.

Pōtae short: Slightly shorter crown approx 8cm in height.


  • Tahi: approx 50/52cm circumference
  • Rua: approx 55/54cm circumference 
  • Toru: approx 56/57cm circumference 

Pōtae tall: Crown height approx 11.5cm in height.


  • Tahi: 52cm circumference
  • Rua: 56cm circumference.


Avoid getting them wet if possible, if they do get wet, leave to dry on a flat surface.

Handle with care, as they are relatively delicate.  

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