Kirihimete Gift Box - Wāhine


NEW NEW NEW, just in time for Kirihimete are our gift boxes. This one is for our Wāhine.

Treat your Wāhine to one of our limited edition gift packs this Kirihimete.


x2 Pair of Nichola Earrings

x1 Set of Nichola Affirmation Cards (5 cards included in set)

x1 Set of AHAU black on black Prints (4 prints included in set) OR x1 Set of Wāhine A4 coloured prints (x3 prints included in set) 

x1 Setting Moods Body Candle


GIFT BOX THEME: This gift box is for the wāhine out there looking to spoil themselves with special treats, we have included products that relate to our AHAU kaupapa: AHAU (me, I) is about the relationships we have with ourselves and our tinana (bodies). Ahau isn’t a collection but a kaupapa (topic/purpose) it is the ongoing conversation of building a good and positive relationship with ourselves.  Whatever that looks like for us/you.



The earrings included in this gift box are:

- Black, Raukura (feather) earrings size MED

- Silver NTK - AHAU earrings size LG.

Material: Black perspex - silver gravograph

Earring hooks: Silver plated (NF) hooks.



Five cards with daily positive affirmations to say, sing, shout out to yourself to get you going! The five affirmations are:

 - Life is too short to not love who you are

- No one is gonna make it happen for you, only you can make it happen

- Energy flows where intention goes

- Being you is your superpower

- Keep growing, keep glowing



AHAU: This print is the name of this kaupapa and it is a reminder to look after ourselves as ahau means me or I.  It is a visual reminder to think of yourself, to look after yourself, to appreciate yourself, to be kind to yourself and to love yourself.

FWTS : F*#k what they say: This print is about those outside voices that we can often play on repeat in our heads, or sometimes it is actual people saying negative things to us, that we then adopt as words that we associate with our self worth.  This print is a reminder to ourselves to silence those voices and to remember all the awesomeness that you are! 

NO ONE IS YOU, THAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER: This print is to let you know that there is one you…. And you are a damn superhero…. Being you is your superpower! So harness it and go be amazing!

YOUR TINANA IS POWERFUL: This print speaks to the amazingness that is our tinana (body), it is a powerful vessel that has so many incredible abilities that makes each and every one of us unique and special.

Material: Black print on black paper 210gsm 

Dimensions: A4 - 250mm x 320mm




Hiwa i te rangi: “The word ‘hiwa’ means ‘vigorous of growth’, and it is to Hiwa that Māori would send their dreams and desires for the year in hope that they would be realised”

Rangi Matamua, Matariki The Star of the Year.

The image of the wāhine (woman) is our interpretation of Hiwa, drawn within a taimana (diamond) which again is in reference to a star. The tukutuku patterns on the border of this frame are in lots of nine (matariki reference), we have included the actual constellation in her night hair and her moko kauae (chin) shows the connection between the stars and us here on the whenua (land).

Tupuānuku: We have used Tupuānuku to inspire this collection with different aspects in connection with her. Such as the earthy colours of hua whenua (food from the earth), fabric to symbolise a waikawa (a basket used to gather and store hua whenua) and the raranga (weaving) pattern rau kumara (leaves of the kumara plant), which is said to be a pattern one would weave for someone who nurtures, feeds and cares for people.

The image of the wāhine (woman) is our interpretation of Tupuānuku, drawn with the raranga (weaving) pattern Rau Kumara (leaves of the kumara plant) in the background. On either side of her are four crosses representing purapura whetu (a tukutuku pattern for stars) to symbolise the Matariki constellation (she is the ninth star). Her moko kauae (chin) shows the connection between the stars and us here on the whenua (land).

Hineraumati: Hineraumati is known as the summer maiden, and like her sister (Hinetakurua) she is a wife of the sun Tamanuiteraa. Hineraumati plays an important role in helping the many plants, trees and vegetables to germinate, grow and produce fruit. Working together with her husband who supplies warmth from above, Hineraumati transports nutrients from the ground to the roots of the plants.

The print image is our depiction of Hineraumati and the flowers she is surrounded by are the native flowers we've associated with raumati (summer), they are the pohutukawa, puriri, houhere and puawananga flowers.


A brand designed to celebrate, normalise and appreciate all body shapes and sizes. We live in the beautiful country of Aotearoa, where we should actively accept not only our bodies but those of others. Our goal is to spread body positivity so that everyone can feel beautiful in their own skin. 

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