Necklace, Rau Kumara



This collection is based on the star Tupuānuku, one of the stars in the Matariki Constellation, she is connected to food grown in the ground, all cultivated and uncultivated food products. If she is shining bright when Matariki rises it is said the kai from the ground will be plentiful for that coming year.

We have used Tupuānuku to inspire this collection with different aspects in connection with her.  Such as the earthy colours of hua whenua (food from the earth), fabric to symbolise a waikawa (a basket used to gather and store hua whenua) and the raranga (weaving) pattern rau kumara (leaves of the kumara plant), which is said to be a pattern one would weave for someone who nurtures, feeds and cares for people.

The pattern on this necklace is the rau kumara pattern.

Necklace and material details:

Pendant: approx 21cm in total length, 9 pieces make up this design.

Pendant Material: Gold gravograph

Chain: (gunmetal) 21cm length (with extension chains for added length if required)


Necklace, Rau Kumara
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