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This is what we call a Shrug, similar design to the long cape just shorter in length.
These capes are made from wool blends (normally 70% wool, 30% polyester or acrylic).

Sizing is as follows.
TAHI-Sml Size 10-12
RUA-Med Size 14-16
TORU-Lg Size 18-22
WHA-XL Size 24-26

You can wear it a couple a couple of ways, First you wear it where the length is long and the neck line is short.  The other way you can where it is you take it off and turn it upside down (not inside out) so that the length along the back is short and the neckline has a lot of fabric, that you can roll  up around your neck and ears.
This shrug teams up well with our long sleeve dress (link at the bottom).

Care Instructions 

These capes are made from a wool blend. Wash and caring for them is important.

Cover painted pattern and iron first to reduce fading.
Hand wash in cold water.
Let dry naturally.
Do not dry-clean.

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