6. H+M Ahi wrap skirt



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This skirt is part of the H+M (Hinepūkohurangi + Mahuika) Collection. A collection based on the four themes; wāhine, contrast, duality and synergy.

This wrap skirt has our H+M tāniko print on it which represents the synergy created when two different energies ahi (fire = Mahuika) and kohu (mist = hinepūkohurangi) come together.  This wrap skirt is made to not wrap right around but to sit at the hips.

This skirt is made to order and is sold in the size that it is (fits sizes 10 - 14 comfortably).  If you want to change the dimensions we can, but there will be an added cost, which will be determined by the size increase.

Dimensions are:
Length: 150cm - created so it has a train (that drags on the ground)
Width: 54cm - width of the skirt, belt is longer 130cm.

Photography: Rawhitiroa Photography (Te Rawhitiroa) and Lomax Photography (Tim)

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