Earrings Black, Huia feather


About the design: The Huia feather is a revered treasure for Māori and symbolises leadership and mana. The feathers from the tail of the huia were particularly prized and were worn in the hair or around the neck by both men and women. Feathers were often stored in intricately carved boxes known as wakahuia.

Earring details:  

Size: XLG: 55mm in length

Earring material: Engraved black gravograph.

Earring hooks: Silver plated (Nickel Free) hooks.

Care instructions: We recommend you gently handle your items, treat them like the taonga (treasure) they are. When cleaning, use a damp cloth and let air dry.

***COLOUR VARIATION - Please note while all measures are taken to ensure the colouring of our photos match the actual product, there may be slight variations due to device colour matching***

Please be advised that all earrings are non-returnable due to hygiene regulations – please choose carefully. 

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Earrings Black, Huia feather
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