Necklace Red & Lime Green, Resin Rei


These funky Rei (Pig Tusks) necklaces are 100% handmade using the medium doming resin. Due to the time it takes from creation to finalisation these are very limited in numbers and EACH PIECE is different and unique, no two are the same.

Design: REI - Pig Tusks

Rei (pig tusks) are said to symbolise power, strength, wealth and status. In pre-European times the wearing of ornaments was important in personal grooming, and as an expression of status. Ornaments included ear and breast pendants, necklaces, bracelets and anklets.  Pendants were made of ivory, bone, shell, and pounamu (jade), as well as delicate feathers and other organic materials which have not survived over the years.  Prized ornaments were kept in finely carved waka huia (feather boxes). Auckland War Memorial Museum.


Necklace and material details:

Pendant: 2cm (w) x 10cm (l) approx.

Pendant Material: Red pigment & lime green dyed resin - the finish on this pendant is translucent.

Necklace material: Chain: (gunmetal) & Brown wax cord - approx 40cm length

Care instructions: 

We recommend you care and gently handle your item, treat it like the taonga (treasure) it is. To clean the item, use a damp cloth and let air dry.

***COLOUR VARIATION - Please note while all measures are taken to ensure the colouring of our photos match the actual product, there may be slight variations due to device colour matching***

Necklace Red & Lime Green, Resin Rei
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