A3 Prints, B&W - Hineraumati & Hinetakurua

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These images represent Hineraumati (The Summer maiden) and Hinetakurua (The Winter maiden). 

Material: Black print on neo paper 350gsm

Dimensions: A3 - 297mm x 420mm


Hineraumati is known as the summer maiden, and like her sister (Hinetakurua) she is a wife of the sun (Tamanuiterā). Hineraumati plays an important role in helping the many plants, trees and vegetables to germinate, grow and produce fruit. Working together with her husband who supplies warmth from above, Hineraumati transports nutrients from the ground to the roots of the plants.

Hinetakurua, is the other 'wife' Tamanuiterā  and is referred to as the winter Maiden.  Tamaniuiterā and Hinetakurua have a number of children, and each of them is connected to the afflictions of winter including frost, snow, cold winds and the hard frozen earth. Hinetakurua rises early in the morning sky on the eastern horizon during the winter, and her appearance brings that different elements of winter. Not long after she rises in the morning sky, the sun follows and together they spend the winter months in space far from earth. Her realm is the ocean, her task is to produce & conserve fish with her father Tangaroa-akiuakiu. She supports the migration of the ika, such as blue moki, tuna (eels) & piharau (lampreys), as they go back to their birth place to spawn.

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