Earrings gold mirror, Hineraumati


Hineraumati is known as the summer maiden, and like her sister (Hinetakurua) she is a wife of the sun Tamanuiteraa. Hineraumati plays an important role in helping the many plants, trees and vegetables to germinate, grow and produce fruit. Working together with her husband who supplies warmth from above, Hineraumati transports nutrients from the ground to the roots of the plants. 

This image of our personified depiction of Hineraumati.

Earring details:

 Sizes* STATEMENT: 7cm in length x 5.5cm width

Earring material: Mirror gold perspex

Earring hooks: gold plated (NF) hooks.

*** Please choose your earrings carefully, as we don't exchange or accept returns due to hygienic reasons.  For further information check out our returns policy***

Earrings gold mirror, Hineraumati
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