Earrings NEON pink, Mana


These wee gems are part of our new neon earring range, to help you stand out in the crowd.

They are cut in our popular Mana pattern, which to us means: the embodiment of integrity and respect. This endurable and indestructible power which is within all, represented here using the Kaokao pattern.

Earring details:

Size* XLRG:  5 - 7cm in length

Earring material: Neon tinted perspex (this is transparent with a neon tint)

Earring hooks: Silver plated (NF) hooks.

 ***COLOUR VARIATION - Please note while all measures are taken to ensure the colouring of our photos match the actual product, there may be slight variations due to device colour matching***

Earrings NEON pink, Mana
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