Jewellery Set Green, Kawakawa


Introducing the latest addition to our exquisite jewellery collection: the vibrant and unique Kawakawa sets, fresh and new x

DESIGN: Kawakawa

The Kawakawa plant is revered for both its spiritual and medicinal properties. It is traditionally used for its healing benefits, treating a variety of ailments such as skin conditions and digestive issues. The leaves, recognised by their heart shape and distinct holes, are often used in rituals and ceremonies, symbolising protection and spiritual cleansing, embodying the deep connection between the people and their natural environment.

Dimensions and materials:


Pendant Size =  65mm (L) x 50mm (W) approx

 - Material = Green perspex and stained plywood

Chain = 350mm in length

 - Material = Gun metal chain


Size Large = 5cm 

Hooks = Gold plated hooks

Material = Green perspex

Jewellery Set Green, Kawakawa
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